When I needed someone for personal care for my family member with Alzheimer’s, I was lucky enough to find Monika.
She was professional, kind, caring and very patient.  We enjoyed her company and looked forward to her visits.
I would highly recommend Monika to anyone looking for care.

R. Carr

Monika and her husband are dedicated to giving quality care! They have been helping me take care of my uncle who can be quite challenging at his best.
Monika has a big heart and cares! Thank you for your help, it is greatly appreciated.


Being too far away to help my parents myself I found Monica and Dennis and they have both been such an amazing asset to my parents. Monica is very knowledgeable and skilled with medical support and Dennis has provided extraordinary care such as driving and helping with tasks around the home.  As a team they provide a very fulsome range of services and supports.  They are both very patient and caring in their approach, and ensure the dignity and independence of loved ones in their own home.  They also take the time and care to build a relationship based on mutual respect with their elderly clients.  I feel very lucky that my parents have this additional support in their golden years.

Lynda from Vancouver – daughter of local Grey/Bruce residents

Monika and Dennis came to us at the right time when our mother was in her last six weeks. Palliative care through the system was good at times but it was stressed during the pandemic which meant that there were a lot of gaps in mom’s health care that needed to be provided for that were simply not being met. Hiring outside help can be overwhelming when you as the caregiver are emotionally and physically fatigued. Upon first meeting and throughout the daily visits we were greatly comforted by their kindness and thoughtfulness towards mom’s wishes.  I also found Monika and Dennis attentive, professional and generous with their time and made mom’s transitions easier as she began to lose her ability to care for herself.

At the end Monika helped guide us through all the steps we were simply not aware of.  When we needed some hand-holding they were certainly there to help us navigate all these new rapid changes. Even now, I miss the cheery greetings in the mornings. Glad, that they were a part of our lives – even for awhile.